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Frank “Best !!! Bon orateur Bravo ! Excellente présentation. Très clair “Mai 2012 GSASA CHUV, Switzerland

Busch SA

“Frank, continuez à  rester vous même : brillant et humble à  la fois et vous aurez du succès et c’est ce qui vous différenciera avec les autres consultants.” 2011-2012, Christian Hoffmann, CEO, Busch SA, Switzerland


“I had the great pleasure of working with Frank Paris for almost 4 years in an organization that had no true compass. Frank has a great passion to find ways to make things happen. Always open to Best Practice sharing and a Work Out Process environment, Frank delivered outstanding results in a tough environment. Franks […]


“As the National Sales Manager for LEMO, I had the distinct pleasure of working with Frank, when he served as Corporate COO for LEMO. Frank’s team driven management style and exceptional listening skills helped create a winning formula for improving LEMO’s operational excellence. Frank’s drive for continuous process improvement, resulted in, improved customer on-time delivery […]

PARKER Sales Companies Group

Dear Frank, “The approach to the LSSBB project and following results, were of a very high standard. Both the project, and management teams found the whole D.M.A.I.C. process very interesting especially because of the none manufacturing content. We would like to congratulate you on excellent results, and wish you the very best for your future. […]


“Frank Paris is one of the most intelligent people that I have ever worked with. He is data driven and makes sound decisions based upon fact. At LEMO, in the face of extraordinary product demand, he made creative, clever and well founded strategic decisions to increase capacity and balance production in response to these demands. […]

LEMO SA France

“I have known Frank for one year in 2005 during my tenure as general manager of the French LEMO’s branch, while he was COO based in the Swiss headquarter. I remember during my first incorporation and training week, listening and learning how Frank developed a sophisticated tool to manage on time our production complex material […]

LEMO SA, Switzerland

“Frank, when you arrived, the manufacturing organisation was very traditional. Step by step you implemented another approach toward efficiency and “build in” quality. You created the “Ten minutes check up” to increase the responsibility on the field. It was one of the most popular novelties, because each one has the opportunity to explain to work […]


“Frank has done a great job for LEMO, he has been consistant, dependable and reliable, it has been my pleasure working with him.” October 28, 2008 Erik Gammon, Engineering Manager, LEMO US

LEMO SA Switzerland

“For more than 8 years Frank and I had a very good relation. Fertile exchanges of ideas during working sessions with very high commitment to continuous improvement. Rigour both in implementing and monitoring “working plans” as well as tenacity to reach fixed targets in spite of misfortune are parts of the capability required for manager […]


“I have known and worked with Frank on and off at different projects, for the last six years. Although we live on different continents, we managed to have a good work relationship and get to know each other. When I think of Frank, the following come to mind: thorough, but looking for the big picture, […]

LEMO SA Switzerland

“I worked 8 years with Frank in a direct link. That is for me a true leader and a serious person. Each day, Frank has been an engine for our company, developing strategy and the tools necessary to employees while respecting dialogue. It is a model that I followed in my career.” October 13, 2008 […]


“Frank is a great manager. He always tries to make colleagues agree with the company target and pushes the team to work to reach the goals. It was a real pleasure to work with Frank due to his readiness to respond as quickly as necessary at any inquiry.” October 13, 2008 Flavio Borsari, R&D Engineer, […]


“I had the pleasure to work with Frank for over 10 years and found him to be a great colleague, coach and mentor. Frank is both people and process focused which enabled him to lead teams to success. Frank is a good problem solver, taking an analytical/team approach to problems and driving them to a […]